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"UNAMA Mission, Gardez, Afghanistan, 2004"

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David Bell


Bayfield, On


United States of America

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Afganistan War



UNAMA Mission, Gardez, Afghanistan, 2004

A short note of thanks, well done and God bless to the many soldiers and Marines that provided support and security for out UNAMA mission in Gardez, Afghanistan, during the elections, 2004.

A grateful Canadian.

Did you hear the whizz of rockets, Mother,
that just flew overhead?
and did you hear the crack of rifles,
that left my two friends dead?

Do you seee the burning wreck, Mother,
that's lying on its side?
Where cumpled up and bloodied,
three more friends have died?

They said the war was over, Mother,
and I know they wouldn't have lied,
but, if the truth they told us,
how come my friends have died?

Did you hear that last explosion, Mother?
It was louder than the rest,
and there's this gaping hole,
that goes right through my vest

Can you see my best friend, Mother?
He's lying by my side,
Please tell him the war is over, Mother,
...for us they haven't lied.

David Bell, Gardez, Afghanistan, 2004.


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