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"My Flag Awaits"

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Aaron Istre


Jennings, La


United States of America

Main War

Afganistan War


Capt Aaron Istre Paid the ultimate price for freedom on 24 March 2012, when he was shot in Afghanistan. God bless our servicemen and women for all they do to keep us free!


My Flag Awaits

My Flag Awaits…. 
Here I lay 
My flag awaits 
To embrace my final stand 
I gave my life 
For my family, my wife 
My country, and fellow man 
Don’t cry for me 
I’m proud—I’m free 
And gave everything I had 
I answered the call 
To protect you all 
And would do it all again 
I swell with pride 
To know I’ve died 
In giving life for what I love 
I’m going home 
But you’re not alone 
I’ll protect you from above 
My mission is clear 
As I leave you here 
And join my fallen brothers

Duty calls
I'm standing tall
As I join the ranks of another

I'm in God's army now,
MORE brave, MORE proud
As I wait for His command

I'm here with you
To guide you through
And forever hold your hand...

This poem is written by a soldier to honor all of those who so selflessly give of themselves everyday!


We have war letters and notes for US Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines along with any US Ally service men and women.