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"Uncle Joe"

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Joseph P. Kaczmarek


Flushing, OH


United States of America

Main War

World War II


A dedicated World War 2 US Navy Veteran

(military profile being researched now)

After retirement from the Navy, lived on his boyhood farm in Flushing, Ohio, while taking care of his elder mother.

Was a train engineer, farmer, cattleman, mechanic and more.


Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe was belowed by all of his family. He never displayed anger in all of the years that I knew him although he was an intense man.

Uncle Joe could eat a full plate of food in a matter of seconds. I don't know if this was because of his time in the war. I figured that it was but always wondered if this was the case but never asked him.

Once when a boy, he let me use his air guns and I ended up leaving them in the grass in the yard and he found them the next day after a good rain. He never said anything to me and let me use the guns in the future. For a man that did not have his own kids and who had been through what he had been through in the war, that is really an amazing reaction to me.

Yesterday I visited his farm, now in the hands of strangers, for the first time since his death. The farm is in the hills of Eastern Ohio close to the West Virginia border right in Coal Mining country.

This area has a huge reputation for its contributions to the World War efforts of past generations.

My heart goes out to all of the World War veterans from this area and all areas for your great contributions to humanity.


Uncle Joe's World War II Veteran's Plaque

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