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To all branches of military service, veterans included. You deserve so much and we appreciate you more than words can tell.



The Ultimate Sacrifice

A child played with toy soldiers scattered all around
As far as he could tell, everything was safe and sound
Time quickly passed as he prayed on bended knee
He chose to become a soldier and fight for you and me
Using hard earned skills to accomplish every goal
Giving his country all from the depths of his soul
Protecting one another, holding onto his dreams
Proud to be a soldier on the brave and fearless teams
He followed every order, did what he was told
Stories he could tell, what sights his to behold
Holding his head high, he took each step in stride
He was one of many who fought for peace and pride
He checked his gear each day trying to be prepared
Remembering many loved ones knowing how much they cared
Keeping letters from home near to his heart
Proud to be a soldier he’d gladly do his part
Running now for safety without a second glance
He watched and he wondered, will there be another chance
His heart told him some would survive
Some wouldn't make it home
Tears shed, lives lost, so many families mourn
Stars and stripes ahead of him in red, white and blue
Colors of his country to which he has been so true
Fighting for freedom at such an enormous price
He was one of many who made The Ultimate Sacrifice


We have war letters and notes for US Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines along with any US Ally service men and women.