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"Loves and Thanks to a great man"

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Dewey Hardin


Columbus, In


United States of America

Main War

World War II



Loves and Thanks to a great man

This goes out to a man I never realy got to know but is loved so much.I try to find anything and every thing I can about War War 2 so I might know a little about him a father I never realy knew.He died when I was only 1 but loved me so much.I miss him more than anything and wish to know about him.He fought in War War 2 so I look up everthing I can hoping and praying that I will find a picture of him.He died before I could realy remember his face.But the love he had for me is in my heart forever.So Dewey Hardin know that you are loved will always be in your little girls heart as a father and a hero.


We have war letters and notes for US Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines along with any US Ally service men and women.