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"On her husband's grave"

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Main War

World War II


There is a War Cemetery at Kohima, Nagaland ( North East India ) built at the tennis court of the Deputy Commisioner's residence where hand to hand fighting took place between the British troops and the Japanese forces.

On one of the memorial plaques of a Lieutenant from Yorkshire was inscribed 'So many dreams now no more'

This was inscribed at the request of his grieving wife.

This poem relives the thoughts and emotions of his beloved wife.


On her husband's grave

So many dreams now no more
Life can never be like before
Moments shared just memories
Yonder is life’s other shore

The river of time flows fast and swift
Rudderless in it is life adrift
No one to care no one to share
The remaining years no more a gift

Each day now a wearisome tread
Now not you someone instead
A faked smile a formal laugh
Your memories now a walking staff

With weary heart I bide my time
From a life now not sublime
When evening shadows lengthen on
I too shall die, die forlorn

..... (c) 2006 Ravinder Malhotra


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