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"The Unknown Soldier"

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Goverdhan Das Malhotra


Bhera, Pu



Main War

World War II


This poem is dedicated to Subedar Goverdhan Das Malhotra and other brave soldiers of the Royal British Army, who laid down their lives in Kohima, Nagaland (North East India ) during World War II, in the hand to hand fighting, to halt the advance of the Japanese. His name is displayed at the top of the stone plaque in the Kohima War Cemetery '.. of those whose remains were consigned to flames '


The Unknown Soldier

With eyes wide open
He lay on the ground,
Batting not an eyelid
Uttering not a sound.

Unmoved he watched
The battle proceed,
For he had done his duty
And he had done his deed.

Breathless he lay
With a wound so deep
That was his forever
For him to keep.

It was now a wound
That gave him no pain,
He would lose nothing
And nothing would he gain.

Writhing in pain
And bleeding he had died
“Save me my mother “
He had cried.

.... (c) 2006 Ravinder Malhotra


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