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"Our Troops"

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Our Troops

Our troops

When you say sweet dreams and hold your child tight,
Spare a thought for those who wont tuck in their kids tonight.
When you sit down with your family to enjoy a home cooked dinner,
Pray for the ones scared and eating rations in a tiny desert bunker.

When you hit the snooze button to get a few extra winks,
Think of those in Iraq who haven’t slept in weeks.
When your not up for work because of a big night before,
Hope for the safety of soldiers fighting another mans war.

They don’t do it for money its just not their way,
Its not even for glory they just do it anyway.
They are living in a place you cant even imagine,
Fighting for survival and for our freedom.

People go out and protest but they don’t really care,
About what our boys and girls are doing over there.
Five minutes on TV is all those bludgers want,
While overseas our heroes are just trying to do their job.

They are the fearless who will take the stand,
The brave men and women who defend our great land.
So when you bow your head and clamp your hands tight,
Pray for those soldiers to make it safely through the night.

(C) Dean Morgan 11/6/07


We have war letters and notes for US Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines along with any US Ally service men and women.