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"Gray Ghost"

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Cornelious A. Shultz


Winston-Salem, NC


United States of America

Main War

US Civil War


Served with CO B, 9th BN North Carolina Sharpshooters. Lost an arm and became a jailer in Greensboro, NC.


Gray Ghost

Jul 15, 1995

Oh, my body's lyin' moulderin' in the grave.
I was fightin' for my sweet Dixie to save.
A Yankee musket ball ripped me mighty sore,
But I didn't fall, 'till I took three more.

They tried to send my butternut soul to Hell
Thinkin' that's where I'd gotten my Rebel yell.
True, I won't be seein' my Texas home no more,
But I'll be in Lee's muster at Heaven's door.

They sang Dixie and a hymn as they laid me in the sod,
Commitin' my weary soul to a righteous, lovin' God.
As a boy, I has asked the Lord Jesus, my soul to save.
Died smilin', seein' Him a comin' and the Bonnie Blue wave!

God bless you, Brothers, never give up the fight!
I'll see you in that Resurrection morning's light.
When you're round the campfire makin' toasts,
Raise one for us, the company of Gray Ghosts!


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