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"Thanks for being a Hero"

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Paul E. Humphrey


Sommerset, OH


United States of America

Main War

Korean War


US Navy - Enlisted 1951

USS James Monroe - early 1960s

Company Commander - 1966

Chief - Fire Fighter Training - 1968

USS Wahoo - 1969 - stationed in Honolulu

Retired in 1971

Wars during Years in service - Korean War, Vietnam War, Nuclear Cold War


Thanks for being a Hero

Thanks for everything and for being a great Dad!

I really respect you and your years of service.

I know that it must have been hard being in the service and away from your family so often when we were growing up.

The United States Navy has become the keeper of the seas internationally and I am so proud that you served in the Navy for 20 years.

You deserve more credit than you will ever receive for your service to your country and also for the good things that you have done in life for so many people.

On this Father's Day in 2007, June 17th, I want to dedicate this website in memory to you and your life.

My hope is that it will become a website for history that allows many people to say thank you to US and Ally servicemen and women.

I hope to see you soon.

Love, your son, Jeff

ps I am going through some of your old service records and will get this page updated better shortly but I wanted to get it to you today, on Father's Day. Sorry if I'm off a year here or there.


Somewhere in the early days (1950s)

Promotion to Chief - 1965

Machinist Mate Graduation - 1951

Company Commander (notice shoulder bands)

One of the Submarines that Paul was on

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