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Welcome to WarNotes.com - A tribute website to US and Ally Servicemen and women
This website is inspired by and dedicated to my Father, Paul Humphrey, a 20 year retired US Navy veteran.
We look at WarNotes.com as an historical internet record of communications with soldiers and the rest of the world.
We also look at WarNotes.com as a site that allows us to say thank you to service men and women.
If you know of someone who was or is in the US or Ally military services, then please stop here at WarNotes.com and pay them a permanent tribute to their heroic efforts. All you need is a valid email to register here at WarNotes.com and then you can create unlimited tributes to US or Ally servicemen and women.
If you know of a veteran, commemorate them here on the Web. They deserve it. They are not recognized enough.
Letters from Iraq
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FINAL GOODBYEAdger Pace Jeffers
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Welcome Home My HeroJohnathan Wesley Taylor
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Soon it will be christmas Thomas
The price of Freedomto all soldiers
The Price of Freedomto all soldiers

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Our goal is to be a repository for all kinds of correspondenceand tributes from and to or about servicemen and/or women from US and Ally military forces.

This website is a tribute to US Servicemen and servicewomen and theirally friends from other countries around the world who have stood together to protect their countrymen.

This website is dedicated to Paul Humphrey, Retired USN, who enlisted and served from 1951 until his retirement in 1971. Paul is now living with his family including children and grandchildren in Ohio.